Romeo & Juliet - casting now!

We are currently casting for our newest project - Romeo and Juliet!

The Project:-

Set in Verona in the Renaissance, against an age old feud between two noble households, Romeo and Juliet tells a story of love strong enough to die for. When Romeo and his friends gate-crash a masked ball of their family’s most hated enemy and he falls in love with Juliet, they unknowingly begin an unstoppable chain reaction that will lead to passion, defiance, murder, suicide and the greatest love story ever told.

The run will start in London at The Space, in the Docklands, from 13th-31st May and then to The Underground Theatre in Eastbourne for 13th and 14th June. There also might be a possibility of also performing at The RSC Dell open-air theatre festival in Stratford upon Avon later in June, to be comfirmed. Basic group accommodation and travel will be provided for the Eastbourne and Stratford weekends.


Rehearsals will be held in or around central London (zones 1-3) through-out March and April, during evenings and weekends and we will try to work around any other jobs/projects you will be doing. Your free time is precious and therefore we endeavour never to call anyone for a rehearsal only not to be used.

This is a very new company and at the moment non-profit so you will employed on a volunteer basis. This will not be everyone’s cup of tea so please only apply if this can work for you.

What you can expect is that this will be a production of a high standard working with like-minded people, good experience performing in theatres and open-air to large audiences and a wonderful showcase for your talent.


1st round auditions will be held in central London (zones 1-3) on 15th/16th February and consist of a pre-prepared speech from the play (which you will receive at least a week in advance) and will last around 10-15 minutes.

All successful first round auditionees will then be invited to a recall workshop on 20th February (evening) which will last around 2 hours and include movement and script work.

If you are interested in applying, please email a CV and photo to and provide in your cover letter a brief explanation of your interest in the project and the character you are applying for. Also confirm that you are available (within reason) for the rehearsal period and please state which audition/recall dates would be best for you.

If you are applying for a part which requires proven accredited fight skills, please include details of this in your letter or you will not be considered for the part.

This job will also be on Casting Call Pro.

Thank you for reading.

Casting Breakdown:-

Romeo (m) 15-25. The youngest of his group and known for regularly falling in love. A good fighter, though prefers to talk out of a fight. Passionate, dramatic and impulsive, he makes rash decisions sometimes without thinking. Strong verse skills required and accredited weapon skills needed.

Juliet (f) 15-25. Only daughter of the Capulet family, she is a strong character despite her cosseted upbringing. She loves and respects her family but cannot hide her love for Romeo and will go to any lengths to be with him. Strong verse skills and good general movement skills required.

Lady Capulet (f) 25-35. Young mother of Juliet, she had an arranged marriage to a much older Capulet when she was in her early teens. She desires to make a good match for her daughter with Paris. Good character actress, strong verse skills and good general movement skills required.

Lord Capulet (m) 30-50. Good standing in society, well respected. For reasons long since forgotten, he dislikes the Montague family, especially its patriarch. Rules his family like a business and though he adores his daughter, expects her marriage to be one of his choosing. Good character actor, strong verse skills and good general movement skills required.

Nurse (f) 30-50. Long serving nursemaid of Juliet, sees her almost as her own daughter. The pair has been almost inseparable since her birth and Juliet trusts her opinion. Though sometimes appearing rather foolish she is more perceptive than she first seems. Good character actress, strong verse skills and good general movement skills required.

Tybalt (m) 20-30. Older cousin of Juliet, he is thought of by Lord Capulet as an adoptive son. Arrogant but honourable. He has inherited his family’s hatred for the Montague family and likes nothing better than starting fights with them, which, due to his skill with a sword, he nearly always wins. Also plays the Apothecary who sells poison to Romeo. Good character actor and accredited weapon skills needed.

Benvolia (f) 18-27. She is the older cousin to Romeo and as his confidant and friend she is expected to try and keep him out of trouble. Ward of Old Montague she has had an unusual upbringing surrounded by men and therefore fights better than she embroiders. She is the sensible one of the group. Adores Mercutio. Strong verse skills required and accredited weapon skills needed.

Mercutio (m) 18-27. The Joker, the ladies’ man, witty, incorrigible and fiercely loyal best friend of Romeo. Though high birth in his own right and not directly linked to the feud, he prefers the company of the Montagues to the Capulets. Good character actor, strong verse skills required and accredited weapon skills needed.

Friar Lawrence (m) 30-50. Friar to the district where both families reside, he is far more interested in tending his herb garden than getting involved in the feud. He has no affiliation to either family and is friendly to all. Has known both Romeo and Juliet from their infancy and looks on their union to end the feud between their families forever. Also plays Old Montague, Romeo’s father and a Guest at the Capulet Ball. Good character actor, strong verse skills and good general movement skills.

Prince (m) 20-30. Well respected Governor of the area, it is one of his duties to keep the peace between the two families. Hates the fact that one of his blood (Mercutio) is often involved. Also plays Paris, the young Lord Capulet wishes Juliet to marry and Sampson a servant of the Capulet household in the opening scene. Strong verse skills and good general movement skills. Small amount of unarmed fight experience an advantage.

Lola the Serving girl/ASM (f) 18-25. Lola, young maid of the Capulet family, illiterate and flirtatious, always getting into trouble. Also plays Gregory, a servant of the Capulet family who likes to start fights for fun, but can never finish them and a Guest at the Capulet Ball. Good general movement and strong Stage Management skills and a willingness to muck in as required. Small amount of unarmed fight experience an advantage.

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