Meet our new director!

Birdiedoes is delighted to welcome Amber Elliott as Director of our next project, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Here's a little bit about her...

Amber trained as an actress before finding that directing (though it gave her a different buzz) also held a deep-seated place in her passions. Directing Road by Jim Cartwright in her final year at Liverpool John Moores University, was the first time she began to explore her ideas and style but it wasn't until 2011 that she felt compelled to produce something of her own.

During her two years with Titian Rep (a company she also co-founded) she was nominated for an Off West End award for direction for The Winter's Tale at The Space in 2011 and directed a sellout 4 star production of Macbeth at The Camden People's Theatre in 2013.

On the back of this, Macbeth also closed the open air festival at The RSC Dell in Stratford upon Avon in August and was cited as 'one of the best productions of the Royal Shakespeare Company's outdoor festival' (Guy Thornton - Theatre BlogSpot).

She was also involved in a short film collaboration called The Sonnet's Project in August 2012, which she co-wrote and directed with Anna Westlake. Telling the story of a Shakespearian love triangle, located in an Elizabethan box maze, set to three of Shakespeare's sonnets. The Sonnet's Project was a new and refreshing angle on The Bard's work.

For 2014 she's back to her roots in theatre, to take on Shakespeare's most famous love story.


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